Our Excellence in Quality
Our Product is widely used all over for the reason that is has a body, a soul and a life.

LuckyFuse’s quality takes on a whole new dimension of exquisite authenticity.
We just don’t give a good product, we give you the world’s Best.

Everyday LuckyFuse’s develop strive to achieve excellence to provide the optimum adaptability with the outer fabric.

All products go through the series of quality control checks and are precision made to the very last details, to give you matchless quality.

LuckyFuse’s quality assurance ensures the best quality of all products at all stages of production.

All products are environment friendly.

• Good Bonding
• Low Shrinkage
• High & Stable Whiteness
• Formaldehyde Controlled
• Consistent Quality

The vast array of our Interlinings covers all the fashion needs, such as…

• Wrinkle-Free Shirts
• Dress Shirts
• Formal Shirts
• Semi-Formal Shirts
• Button down Shirts
• Casual Shirts
• Enzyme Wash Shirts
• Ladies Shirts, Top and Blouses.
• Trouser Waist Band




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